Zinn Custom Extra Short Cranks

Lennard Zinn has been ahead of the curve since 2003, making robust crank arms for the big boys who live on the right side of the bell curve. Since his wife stands a mere 5’ 2”, he understood her need for shorter crank arms as well,  and started manufacturing them for petite cyclists at the […]

Beljum Budder

One of the best, “not just for cycling” products I came upon recently is paraben-free Beljum  Budder.  Though its manufacturer considers it a skin lubricant and chamois creme designed to address friction and chafing problems during cycling and other exercise, my experience is that it is far more.  When all else fails to seal in […]

Women On A Roll- A report

There is nothing more thrilling than helping get more women on bikes! Please read this great report Women On A Roll


It’s not a sweatband, and it’s not a cap.  It looks like half of a cap, but it won’t fit on your head like a cap should. That’s because it  is a helmet liner made of  a highly hydrophilic (water loving) black fabric with a terrycloth- like brow that is super absorbent and will suck up […]

Some Hanky Panky has forced Me to Ask again

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