Rain City Bags

Frustrated by the absence of bags that would fit on the top of my stylish, new Luna rack, I had to consider the alternatives. Which waterproof bag would be lightweight enough, mostly for use on multi-day tours such as Cycle Oregon, but could also be used for errands, as well as longer club rides and […]

Luna Racks by Tubus

I’m of the opinion that unless you are a competitive cyclist, your bike should be equipped to function in a utilitarian mode.    If you need to go to the library, bank or market, why not use your bike instead of burning fossil fuel? Unfortunately, most bicycle manufacturers don’t see it quite the same way.  They […]

Road Recommended

Lights  Maybe you don’t usually ride at night, but with the cost of gasoline, you never know when you’re going to be chasing the sun. Knog lights can help get you home safely. They come in a rainbow of colors and styles (called frogs, bullfrogs, gekkos, beetles and skinks), each style with a different number […]

Some Hanky Panky has forced Me to Ask again

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