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Nalini Pangma Long Sleeve Zippered Jacket

I’m still not sure whether this offering from Nalini is intended to be a long sleeve jersey, or a jacket.  But, I wore it on the coldest morning, of the longest, hardest day on Cycle Oregon in 2011,  and the first thing my best friend said to me was,

“Wow, that’s a great jacket…it looks really good on you.”

I wore it over a short sleeve jersey.  So that day, it was a jacket.

A nice fitting, black jacket with bright red accents across the top of the back and over the front of the shoulders.  It has a long zipper and three back pockets, the smaller, middle one for a cellphone.  Note:  The cellphone pocket is substantially larger than the one on Nalini’s short sleeve jersey and I have no problem slipping my iPhone (with silicon case) in and out of it. The jacket has a half inch encased elastic on the sleeves and a quarter inch elastic on the bottom of the jacket.

The “fleece-lined” fabric is comfortable and warm.  it’s rated as a medium weight for temperatures from  54- 64 degrees and is waterproof and windproof.

There were several points during the day’s ride when I was tempted to remove the jacket because I thought I was overheating.  But I wasn’t, and by lowering the zipper I was able to keep my body temperature comfortable even during a strenuous climb. Before I began my descent, I zipped up and was comfortable through the entire downhill.

Check out Albabici’s website for a list of local and online retailers.

Nalini Tortora Cycling Shorts

Tortora Cycling Shorts are another seasonal 2011 offering from Nalini.  These shorts are made with fabric that quickly absorbs perspiration, carrying it to the fabric’s outer surface and dispersing it for rapid evaporation.  In short, it wicks well.  The fabric provides UV protection of 50+.  The shorts feature a UCN Lady professional road chamois made from stretchable microfiber and Nalini fabric which is also a microfiber similar to natural chamois leather with a supple surface, soft to the touch which deters skin inflammation because of it’s ability to breathe.  It is resistant to tears and abrasions and stress in the wash at temperatures up to 86 degrees.

The fit is good for women, like myself, with a short torso, and is true to size.  The fabric is lightweight and comfortable without too much compression.  The waistband is roughly 1.25 inches wide but the cut of the shorts rides lower than some other brands, so it doesn’t cinch you in the waist.  The fabric grips your thighs well and the inseam is roughly 7″ which, (in my humble opinion) is great length for petite women. The heavy duty reflective logo on the sides of the legs will crack and peel over time– especially if subject to the clothes dryer.  The legs have small silicon grippers on roughly 1 inch elastic.  The contrasting color, four needle seam construction is solid, and  the shorts are comfortable for longer rides.

Check out Albabici’s website for a list of local and online retailers.

Nalini Lady Team Short Sleeve Jersey

The colors on Nalini’s Lady Team Short Sleeve jersey are terrific–bright purple and white, with a dash of hot pink!  The shoulders feature a mesh fabric with a reflective silver backing for increased visibility from the front and back.  This Jersey has a flattering, true to size, cut.

The fabric is lightweight and highly hydrophilic (meaning it absorbs moisture and transfers it to the exterior of the fabric through microgrooves on the surface of the fibers). The effect is that the jersey is fast drying and controls body temperature. It’s also antibacterial, thereby reducing odors.  Nalini reports that this effect endures even with repeated washings.  The fibers also provide UV protection during the summer, and at high elevations.

I’m delighted to report that there is no binding elastic in the sleeves! I only wish the bottom seam had the same treatment. Instead, they’ve added a quarter inch of silicon gripper onto the elastic hem, but I realize the Lady Team line of products has been designed to cater to the needs of teams and club riders.

The three back pockets are sufficient but not generously sized. The designers at Nalini thoughtfully put a a velcro closure on the middle cellphone pocket. I have an iPhone 4 with a silicon cover and it just barely fits in this pocket–making me most appreciative of the velcro.  Check out Albabici’s website for a list of local and online retailers.

Nalini- SAJAMA I -Fleece lined tights

There are many schools of thought on dressing for the rain and cold, depending on how frequently you must ride under these conditions. As a Southern California resident, my goal is to stay warm and comfortable without overheating. Just finding a pair of fleece lined tights that fit a petite woman can be a problem unless you know about Nalini.

Nalini cycling attire would be almost impossible to find if it weren’t for the internet. Imported from Italy, these products are used mostly by the pros– and their superior quality reflects why. Their importer is Albabici, located in Ventura, California (also the U.S. importer of SMP saddles).

Even with all that pasta, Italian women’s sizes seem to be petite women friendly. I normally wear a small in competitors sizing but because they run a little small, I am more comfortable wearing Nalini’s medium in both the jacket and tights.

The distinctive feature of Nalini’s warm, fleece-lined tights is their wide, non-squeezing, non-marking waistband that has no elasticity, making them infinitely more comfortable than any cycling shorts or tights.

Even wearing a size medium, the leg length on these tights is perfect. Zippers on the lower leg create a nice seal from wind and rain. The leg fit is comfortably snug without binding or feeling bulky. The chamois is thick and plush without feeling like a diaper, and, acccording to the literature, has been stabilized at the saddle point, which somehow induces the rider to position herself correctly on the bike. Nalini claims that the properties of the fabric used in the chamois along with the mechanics of the pedal stroke allow for “excellent drainage” and a “sensation of freshness even during extended use.”

I would prefer these warm tights on a cool day rather than wearing shorts and constantly fighting with sagging leg warmers.


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