Buying a Small Bike off the Rack

Just like a dress off the rack, sometimes you’ll get lucky and a stock bike will actually fit you. Here’s a list of the smallest frames that were available when I first built this site in 2009.  Unfortunately many are no longer available. Call your local bike store to make sure they have frames with 650 wheels.  I will be updating this page in the next few months.  Test ride as many bicycles as you can. But, don’t give up on cycling if you can’t find a comfortable stock bike or if a pricey custom frame is outside of your budget. Instead, contact R+E Cycles in Seattle for one of their semi-custom models.

Women’s Specific Roadbikes
Top Tubes Less Than 50cm
Make Size Standover Top Tube Fork Rake Wheels Seat Angle Head Angle
Trek 43 64.4 cm 48. cm 40. mm 650c 75.5º 70.0º
Felt petite 67.5 cm 48.32 cm 40. mm 650c 75.5º 71.5º
Specialized 44 69.3 cm 49.6 cm 51. mm 700c 76.º 70.5º
Rodriguez* 1L 67.5 cm 48.0 cm 44. mm 650c 74.º 70.5º
Rodriguez** 1S 70.5 cm 47.0 cm 44. mm 650c 74.º 70.5º
Top Tubes Greater Than 50cm
Make Size Standover Top Tube Fork Rake Wheels Seat Angle Head Angle
Terry 44.5 66.5 cm 50.0 cm 46. mm 650c 74.º 72.5º
Sweetpea Lust Line small 70.1 cm 51.5 cm 650c 74.º 72.5º
Orbea 46 69.5 cm 50.2 cm 43. mm 650c 74.º 71.5º
Giant Wxs 73.7 cm 51 cm 45. mm 700c 74.5º 71.0º
Bianchi 44 50 cm 700c 75.º 70.0º
Cannondale 44 69.8 cm 50 cm 50 mm 700c 76.º 70.5º

Note: The size 1 Rodriquez Road bikes have been designed for petite women with different builds. All frames are fully customizable for an additional fee.

* Rodriguez 1L designed for longer torso and shorter legs more stand-over clearance than 1S and bars level with seat.

** Rodriguez 1S designed for shorter torso and longer legs Bars are higher than the seat and closer to the rider than the 1L.

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