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Every so often, an observant genius fills one of the pressing gaps of the vertically challenged, blessing us with such historic and notable inventions as the step-ladder and footstool. I offer this page of gizmos and gadgets designed for petite people hoping you will find these items as invaluable as I have.

Slim Shims

If you find yourself braking from only one position on your handlebars, the distance to your brake levers might be disproportionately large compared to the size of your small hands.   Enter Slim Shims.  These rarely publicized rubber shims bring the brake levers 15-20 mm closer to the drops and vastly improve comfort and control.  They’re made exclusively by Specialized to fit your Shimano 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace STI Levers.   Pick the right size at Specialized and don’t forget to order an extra pair for your petite riding buddy.  For ten dollars a pair, you might find (as I did) that you can suddenly brake from the hoods with ease, confidence and comfort.


While I don’t advocate the use of an ipod while cycling, I recognize many athletes participate in other physical activities (cross-training), where listening to an ipod might not be as dangerous… like walking.

The problem is those pesky earbuds which came packaged with your ipod , itouch or iphone. They are woefully designed (I’ve yet to meet anyone of any size who thinks they are comfortable), they leak sound like a colander leaks water, and unless you angle them just right and wedge them into your ears, they fall out … that is, unless you have a set of Acoustibuds. These small silicone covers adapt to fit over your earbuds and seal out external noise while directing sound waves into your ears.    For $13.00 you’ll swear the sound is better than those pricey  $100+ earbuds.

Having recently been selected as a Beta Tester for their new SMALL size, I am happy to report that my experience is so favorable I had to share this product with you before they are actually available.

When I first tested the Acoustibuds, I turned my ipod on and nearly jumped out of my skin because the volume was still set to the level required without the Acoustibuds.  Now, I can listen at almost half the volume while walking in a 30 mph wind-storm and still feel like I’m in a concert hall.

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