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SweatHawg_Helmet_Liner_Black_with_Hot_Pink__10333.1390433092.1280.1280It’s not a sweatband, and it’s not a cap.  It looks like half of a cap, but it won’t fit on your head like a cap should.

That’s because it  is a helmet liner made of  a highly hydrophilic (water loving) black fabric with a terrycloth- like brow that is super absorbent and will suck up all that sweat on your forehead before it drips into your eyes. The sweat is then swiftly wicked away from the brow and through the head cover.  The headcover is light enough not to overheat in spite of it’s black color (I was a little skeptical about this).

I live in Southern California and it’s hot here.  The sweathawg is an efficient and discrete way to deal with all of that boyish sweat. The  tricky part is getting it correctly seated in your helmet and then onto your head,  and, if you have long hair, getting the ponytail through the helmet without disturbing the position of the sweathawg and helmet.

Sweathawg is made in Oregon (home of cycleoregon.com the best bike ride in America).
It’s guaranteed too– or your money back .  for $20. plus shipping

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