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Serfas Urbana 650 x 28c Tires

Serfas manufactures the Urbana exclusively for R+E Cycles in Seattle. Don’t even try to look for these tires anywhere else.The wider width gives cyclists a more secure feeling on the road. It features a puncture resistant belt and is perfect for commuters, sport riders and multi-day tours. The ride is plush–I’ve ridden my tires for about 2,500 miles with only two flats before I purchased Tire Savers, also from R+E Cycles. I didn’t get a flat on Cycle Oregon either. No better value for the price — you can even afford an extra set at $ 29.99/each

In case you don’t believe me, here’s another great review.


Serfas Floor Pump WFP-200

Besides being PINK, what distinguishes the WFP-200 as a Women’s Pump?

To start with, the gauge is not mounted on the floor, it’s up there at the top of the pump so you can see it without glasses. It has a red triangle at the 100 psi mark so there’s no squinting to get an accurate inflation.

Most important, the Serfas Floor Pump WFP-200 has a reduced stand over height which increases your leverage and is particularly useful towards the higher end of inflation.  Even at five feet, I can inflate my tires–almost effortlessly.

The pump is easy to use. The valve is universal and accommodates both shrader and presta type inner tubes. The price  of $45.00 is well within budget  if purchased from http://www.serfas.com, but can be found elsewhere online, for less. Serfas offers a limited lifetime warranty  (I couldn’t find any fine print on their website). Plus, most of the parts are replaceable and affordable.

The best reason to support this company?  They manufacture a terrific 650c tire called the Urbana. Unfortunately, they don’t sell them directly… but you can purchase these tires from the one and only retailer in the world who sells them– R+E Cycles.

And trust me, the boys don’t touch my pink pump. It’s mine.

Pink Bar Tape


Serfas Pink Tape

I know this is an ongoing concern for us gals that like all things, Pink.  So I’m compiling a list of Pink Bar tape.  Thus far, I have to say my favorite pink tape is made by Serfas for $12.00.  The color is brighter than the competition.  It’s washable and shock absorbent and has an adhesive backing to make installation easier.  Not only that but it’s 30% longer and comes with color coordinated stretchy electrical tape to finish the job



Lizard skin Pink Tape

It’s got so much padding you probably could get away with not wearing gloves.  But I don’t  recommend risking your hands to road rash if you crash.  Lizard skin tape has a great feel– almost moist and a little sticky for good contact even with gloves on.  The bad news is that sticky attracts dirt.  The good news– with a little degreaser and/or soap, it cleans up well.  If you have small hands the padding is effective without increasing the diameter of the bars. The question is, is it worth $38 when you can find bar tape (even in pink) on sale for a quarter of the price? What’s with the white stretchy tape to finish the job?


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