Nalini Pangma Long Sleeve Zippered Jacket

I’m still not sure whether this offering from Nalini is intended to be a long sleeve jersey, or a jacket.  But, I wore it on the coldest morning, of the longest, hardest day on Cycle Oregon in 2011,  and the first thing my best friend said to me was,

“Wow, that’s a great jacket…it looks really good on you.”

I wore it over a short sleeve jersey.  So that day, it was a jacket.

A nice fitting, black jacket with bright red accents across the top of the back and over the front of the shoulders.  It has a long zipper and three back pockets, the smaller, middle one for a cellphone.  Note:  The cellphone pocket is substantially larger than the one on Nalini’s short sleeve jersey and I have no problem slipping my iPhone (with silicon case) in and out of it. The jacket has a half inch encased elastic on the sleeves and a quarter inch elastic on the bottom of the jacket.

The “fleece-lined” fabric is comfortable and warm.  it’s rated as a medium weight for temperatures from  54- 64 degrees and is waterproof and windproof.

There were several points during the day’s ride when I was tempted to remove the jacket because I thought I was overheating.  But I wasn’t, and by lowering the zipper I was able to keep my body temperature comfortable even during a strenuous climb. Before I began my descent, I zipped up and was comfortable through the entire downhill.

Check out Albabici’s website for a list of local and online retailers.

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