Drivers rely heavily on their automobile mirrors, in fact, it’s the law. Why would it be any different navigating through traffic on a road bike?  I don’t want to sound too preachy here, but using a mirror is only second in importance to wearing a helmet.  With that said, here are three mirror options with different mounts: one to your helmet, one on your glasses and one on your handlebars. Get a mirror TODAY!


The Safe Zone

Designer Brett Flemming (owner of  Efficient Velo Tools), was called the best bike mechanic in 2008 by Portland Monthly Magazine.  That’s no small feat, considering Portland is the most bicycle friendly city in the U.S. and has more than its share of bike mechanics.   Brett is committed to cycling innovation and not only develops tools used for bike mechanics all over the world, but has also come up with the best helmet mounted mirror design I’ve seen. This product is made in the USA, is easily installed and reinstalled with zip ties, and has a 2.25″ mirror (the biggest of all the mirrors mentioned in this review).

Brett’s website site for the Safe Zone helmet mirror reflects not only his conscious desire to help people but exactly how illogical it is to ride a bicycle without a mirror. Go ahead… take a look.

My experience with The Safe Zone is that it mounts best on helmets without a visor,  The visor gets in the way and makes it harder to adjust the mirror without obscuring about a fourth of the mirror’s surface area. http://www.safezonemirror.com/EVT/Why_Safe_Zone.html

The Safe Zone Mirror retails for $40.00 and includes a five year, “no-fault” warranty.


The Roadie

This aerodynamic bar-end mirror is for road bikes. It’s so slick, even my sixteen year-old son isn’t embarrassed to put it on his Rodriguez. It’s easy to install. You just remove the end plug from your handlebar and insert a rubber socket and put the Roadie into the socket.  The downsides:  Hit a bump and it moves.  According to my son, the design idea is superb, but the construction and choice of materials is the weakness of the product. A great option for those who want an easy on-off mirror if racing ever becomes a reality.
Go to http://www.cycleaware.com Cost: $20.00

Take a Look Mirror 

This is the mirror I use, since it attaches to glasses I must wear while riding anyway. It’s made mostly of metal with a  small  1 7/16” x 1 1/16” acrylic mirror that withstands tremendous abuse. It doesn’t vibrate the way some bike-mounted mirrors do. After using a larger mirror, it was initially a little tricky to find the sweet spot, but I absolutely love this piece of equipment. With an unconditional guarantee and a price that’s right at just $16.00 at http://www.rei.com/product/752285 what have you got to lose?

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