Clean Bottle

Have you ever opened your water bottle and wondered how you were going to remove the mold growing in the bottom?   That’s what motivated Dave, the founder of Clean Bottle, to steadfastly work on his invention for three years.

Clean bottle unscrews from both ends.  Not to worry, each end has a silicone washer for a leak-proof seal. The nozzle is removable for easy cleaning.  It’s top-rack dishwasher-safe and guaranteed for life.  It’s made of  100% non toxic, BPA-free plastic.  The company donates 10% of its profits to charities you vote for.

Is there anything BAD about this product?

No, not really. I just wish it had an insulated jacket. Most seasons are hot enough in Southern California that even on a short ride, ice has melted and the water becomes tepid and unsatisfying.  The good news is this bottle can be frozen as long as you leave room for the expansion of the ice, and leave the nozzle in the open position.

Anything else?

Some people are particular about the type of nozzle they drink from, preferring one brand over another.  It would be nice if the lid to the Clean Bottle was the same standardized size as others on the market so that the lids could be used interchangeably.

Bottom line:  Clean bottle is great for all around use–not just on your bike, but next to your computer, when you don’t want your drink to spill on your keyboard, or on the night table in your bedroom.  Using it around the house is one way to monitor your hydration/water consumption even when you’re not on your bike.

It even fits in the cup holder of my Fiat 500.

Good Job, Dave!


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